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Clinical Chemistry Diagnostics: Company

The Clinical Chemistry Reagents S.R.L. is the Company operating in the sector of Clinical Chemical Diagnostic, with a specialization in Clinical Chemistry Reagents.

Our Company:

Our Company is formed by a management group of high professional competence, which avails itself of the collaboration of highly qualified personnel with proven experience in the field of Clinical Chemical Diagnostics.

Our Staff:

Our staff performs a constant and careful Quality Control Service, carried out on each production batch, to guarantee the end customer a product of high analytical efficiency.

Our Mission:

We care about people’s health and well being and this is why we put all our passion and enthusiasm to make IVD able to guarantee secure and reliable results.

We take care of details in every single form as we are aware that this is the only way to create products which can make a difference for our company and for those who share our values.

Our Vision:

Our Vision is to grow and innovate to become a leading company in the Clinical Chemical Diagnostics field in three sectors: Production – Distribution – Information.”

Production, Distribution, information

Production of In-Vitro Diagnostic Reagents:

the Reagents we manufacture (IVD) are placed on the Italian, European and Foreign market, after registration to the Ministry of Health, and bear the CE mark. CCR Srl is a certified Company ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

Distribution of In-Vitro Diagnostic Reagents:

we distribute in-vitro diagnostic reagents in the form of KITS, BULK and OEM depending on the Customer’s needs.


the CCR high professional competence and knowledge of chemical reagents, allows us to provide highly qualified information for optimization of the complete Clinical Chemical Diagnostics process.

Wide range of assortments in reagents: from liquid reagents to powdered reagents

CCR produces a wide range of reagents:

  • reagents in liquid form (LQ), both bi- and mono-reagents;
  • reagents in powdered form (P).

Reagents in powdered form are particularly stable because, if well preserved, their aging process begins with the dissolution of the reagent itself. Moreover reagents in powdered form, thanks to their low weight, are particularly suitable in short and long-haul shipments.


In addition to the products mentioned above, we are specialized in the marketing of a wide range of high-quality products for Immunoturbidimetric Analysis, Coagulation, Rapid Test on Slide, Grouping test.


Why choose your Services

CCR is the Bulk Reagents Supplier for professionals and industrial operators of the IVD industry.

We provide reagents in bulk containers for:

  • Distributors.
  • IVD Companies.
  • Professionals.

To respond to customer needs, our Clinical Chemical Diagnostics Company manufactures reagents in a wide range of sizes, offering both catalogue and custom products in bulk quantities.

Reagents in bulk have the same technical specifications as our catalogue products but in larger, more convenient pack sizes.

Custom packaging is also available for when your reagent volume requirements necessitate novel product assembly.

✓ Istant deals

We guarantee you instant deals, with reliable and secure reservations.

✓ Effective Communications

We offer you the advantage to communicate directly with the CCR Staff.

✓ Accurate Tracking

Our careful control of the movement of goods generates a rapid and efficent delivery time.

Tell us your requirements, and we’ll source it!

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